Large Product Photography


I know it’s going to be a large product photo shoot when the product is placed on the set using a forklift. The video is from a recent photo shoot. At the beginning of the day, I photographed individual units. Our last two photos of the day we did two photo set ups. The first was in order of size small to large from right to left. The background and lights were moved and a second photo was arranged using the forklift, with the large unit in the middle, the medium sized on the right and the smaller unit on the left. The lights and background were moved back into place and the featured photo at the end of the video is the result.

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Drone Photography and Video

For little over a year, I’ve been flying a drone. I’ve added low level aerial photography and video to the list of commercial photography I provide clients. I have my remote pilot’s license and the drone is registered.

Here’s a few photos and a video for a vineyard in Iowa. The video is a small sampling of video I shot for the client and edited into a quick video. The client is making a longer video for their customers using video shot with the drone on two separate trips to the vineyard.








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